Action learning and research

The Agroecology programme is aimed at international students with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and agroecosystem management.
Students will get the opportunity to understand structure and function of complex agroecosystems. They will learn to apply systems approaches in studying, designing and evaluating (agricultural) systems and food production chains, and to develop creative solutions for sustainable farming and marketing of organic products. The program teaches a multidisciplinary approach in which natural science is combined with social science and economics.
Action learning and action research through cooperation with farmers, food system professionals and consumers will shorten the distance between practice and theory.
The proposed programme exploits the strengths of the two co-operating institutes, adding the specialist knowledge in agroecosystems management of Isara with the strengths in designing and evaluating organic food production chains at Wageningen.
Contact us for more information and any questions to MSc Agroecology – Resilient Farming.